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Forex trading is becoming the most popular way to earn extra money from home this century, but people rarely know how to maximize its benefits and limit its risks effectively enough to achieve a success rate of 80%. One of the major reasons for failure in the currency markets is to be in profit at a time when trade then see those benefits disappear and more. Not greed is the cause of this, but just not handling the stop loss in a way to maximize profits and limit losses.
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It is common knowledge that the forex market moves in waves and these waves are that successful traders use to profit from day trading the currency market. In some trading systems and I think the most successful traders enter a trade in the push up or down trend. The manipulation of the stop loss in these trades that can give a risk free trade after insertion.

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As an example of this method I will use a scenario the GBP / USD breaking through a resistance level for a buy. The GBP / USD have just broken through a strong resistance level of 16,000; an entry point to buying 16011. Once your income level to purchase triggered the trend continues at a push of 20 pips then begins to halt or slow down the entire profit margin of 20 pips is established.

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It is at this point that the decision taken will see you doing large amounts of profit, total profit of 20 seed or you can reap the benefits of both by using this simple technique to maximize foreign exchange earnings. Forex trading does not have to be as simple as getting in and out of trades in set amounts.

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Returning to the example of GBP/USD, you are now 20 pips profit. Are you stick with the trade knowing that is likely to retrace before it puts you in profit again or to take your profit 20 pips and then be disappointed when you see the trend continue 100 pips in the direction They are being negotiated. The answer is to make the most of both worlds, 80% of its profits is removed in the range of 20 pips and leave 20% in execution, but move the stop loss to your entry point. The setting is; if you are trading in £ 10 a pip you just made £ 160 profit you know you have blocked £ 160 free trade additional risk running at £ 2 a pip, if that trade continues to operate on a long term basis You can leave your stop loss where you are and look at the bag 100 pips safely. The worst traffic reverts back to its initial level through and only takes the original £ 160 profit.

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